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NFL twitter account hacked: What would you tweet out?

The official NFL twitter account was hacked on Tuesday afternoon, falsely announcing that Roger Goodell had passed. What would you tweet out if you had your chance?

Tuesday afternoon a shocking tweet came from the NFL's official twitter account:

nfl hack tweet

Of course, it didn't take long before insiders reported this tweet was fake and commissioner Roger Goodell was very much alive. But whoever hacked the account wasn't done yet:

Eventually all of the tweets were deleted, and it appears the NFL has gained back control of their Twitter account.

But this got me thinking. If I were able to hack the NFL's Twitter account, what is the one tweet I'd send out? It wouldn't be something morbid like announcing a fake death; that seems both unseemly and boring. Here are a few examples I'd use if I were hacking the NFL:

hack 1

hack 2

hack 3

I sent out the question on Twitter to see what you guys would do as NFL tweeter for a day. Here are the best responses:

A few of wanted to weigh in on the current NFL vs. Patriots war going on:

While a handful of fans would take the opportunity to stick it to NFL officiating:

While other would take shots at Goodell in other ways:

And some of you just can't let go of Calvin Johnson:

If you had the NFL Twitter account at your fingertips, what would you tweet out?

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