Gameday Depot and the lack of quality PoD awesomeness

Pardon me while I rant away...

I'm so disappointed right now. In whom, one might ask? In us. Us as a community.

PoD is a great site and a fun community. I check it daily and almost religiously for the great content our fearless* leader and his team provide but also for the comments. Many of you provide insight and laughs that I could not have fathomed. I don't comment as often as I used to but do know that I'm still reading and still appreciating the comments many of you post.

But I'm disappointed in us. Today I discovered Gameday Depot, which is a site that has partnered with SB Nation to make custom shirts. I found it in the comment section over at Winging it in Motown which has some fun shirts from their community.

So of course I quickly went over to PoD to see what awesomeness we have. But there was nothing! Go look. Okay, there is a shirt of the very neat logo, but every SB Nation site has that!

#weownthebears, or POE, or Jace Billingsley 2016 Winner Detroit Lions Name Bracket Tournament, or great article, Sean, or the Theo Riddick hype train would all make for awesome and hilarious t-shirts.

We're a great community filled with very diverse folks. I plea to somebody out there with professional or solid amateur graphic design skills to get us some great community shirts!

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