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US Men's Olympic Football Dream Team: Defense

Taking a look at the other side of the ball on the Dream Team

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Earlier this week we took a look at what the offense of the US Dream Team would look like if football were an Olympic sport. Now it's time to go over to the other side of the ball and look at how the defense plays out. As a bonus, and because Detroit Jock City's Erik Schlitt wouldn't leave me alone about it, the special teams and even Head coach will be revealed in today's piece. Let's jump right into the trenches and figure out who football fans voted for.

Defensive Ends: J.J. Watt and DeMarcus Ware

This was truly a no brainer if there ever was one. J.J. Watt got himself 95 percent of the vote and I couldn't be happier. Could you imagine J.J. Watt chasing down international quarterbacks in Rio? He might not be a allowed back after this international incident. DeMarcus Ware just squeaked out his roster spot with one percentage point over Cameron Wake. Adding Ware with Watt provides even more reasons to fear the US defense.

Defensive Tackles: Aaron Donald and Ndamukong Suh

That's weird. I would have thought the US team would take Eric Ebron instead of Donald. Oh well, Donald will do, I guess. In all seriousness, Donald has shown in such a short time that he may very well be the best in the game at his position. Perfect for this team. Speaking of international incident, what are the chances Suh stomps a Russian offensive lineman and gets suspended? Gerald McCoy may as well fly to Rio too.

Outside Linebackers: Von Miller and DeAndre Levy

No question about. The highest paid player in the NFL that doesn't throw the ball is a force to be reckoned with. You all saw what he did to Cam Newton in the Super Bowl. I dare say Miller is a shoo-in to win MVP of the Olympics if there were such a thing. Take a look at another Lion making the team. Unless you live in Detroit, chances are you haven't heard of Deandre Levy. He's right at the tippy top of the national sports media's "do not acknowledge that he's really good" list. If Miller isn't chasing you down, the linebacker who led the league in interceptions in 2013 will be picking you off.

Inside Linebacker: Luke Kuechly

Definitely the undisputed champion of middle linebackers. Kuechly can pretty much do it all. Stop the run, stop the pass, intercept the pass, force a fumble, you name it. Just looking at this linebacking core makes me feel like I may have nightmares tonight.

Cornerback: Patrick Peterson and Darius Slay

A corner the Lions wished they would have had and the awesome consolation prize they got a few years later. No doubt Peterson is one of the best in the league, but many will wonder why Slay is here. The Lions corner was excellent in 2015, finishing the season ranked second in the league per Pro Football Focus. The former Mississippi State corner allowed only 33 yards per game all season and only two touchdowns in the second half of the year. In his career, he has shut down Dez for no catches, shutdown Julio, shutdown Jordy. What more does this guy have to do?

Safeties: Earl Thomas and Kam Chancellor

The Legion of Boom is on it's way to Rio. Is there doubt in anyone's mind that these two make the best safety tandem in the NFL? There shouldn't be. How are any quarterbacks supposed to throw against this team? These guys are likely to put a gold medal in their trophy case alongside their Super Bowl rings.

Special Teams: Stephen Gostkowski and Sam Martin

What can I really say about these guys? Seriously, what can I say about these guys? Gostkowski is a great kicker and Sam Martin is a great punter. They both kick really well and stuff.

Head Coach: Bill Belichick

I'll be honest. This is not who I wanted to win the vote. I was strongly attached to the idea of Jim Harbaugh. Not just because I think he's a great coach, but because it would be flat out hilarious. Could you imagine the khaki'd one taking his insanity to Rio? Instead we get a cotton hoodie and tons of cheating allegations, and Harbaugh just has to stay home and lose to Michigan State. Oh, what could have been.

What do you think football fans? Who should have been on this team? Who shouldn't be on this team? Be sure to leave you comments below.

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