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Lions notes: The NFL is having a horrible Friday

The Friday news dump has been particularly bad this week.

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

  • The NFL is not having a great day. News kicked off with a real "Sparty, no" moment at the hands of Steelers running back Le'Veon Bell:
  • Then horrible news broke about Cowboys rookie Ezekiel Elliott: For what it's worth, police were called and Elliott was not arrested. 

  • Then the NFL lost one of its all-time greatest coaches:
  • And late last night, surprising news came from Houston Texans headquarters: The Detroit Lions face the Texans in Week 8, but as reported, J.J. Watt should be more than healthy by then. 

  • Moving over to Lions-related news, SideLion Report has an out-of-the-box option if the Lions are still looking to upgrade their running back depth: signing Knowshon Moreno

  • Lions training camp starts in one week! If you want to attend the first day of practice, make sure you get your wristband:
  • No, thank you: