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Throwback Thursday: Matt Millen lists his favorite Three Stooges episodes

Though knowledge is power, sometimes it’s better to leave a dust-covered book on the shelf.

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This Thursday, let’s throw it back to when I could head to my nearest Borders bookstore and peruse the aisles for hard copies of reading material. After graduating from high school and celebrating that crowning achievement with family and friends at an open house thrown in my favor, I had the nicest chunk of change to ever make its way to my wallet burning a hole in the pocket it was resting in. In preparation for going away to school, I thought it was a good time put together an impressive bookshelf for my college dorm room, full of insightful reads that would make others think I was interesting. (As an aside, I think I can count the number of different people to come to my dorm room on a single hand).

Whatever, look, the point is I went to Borders and bought as many books about sports as I could put my mitts on. One of those books that made its way to that dorm room bookshelf of mine happened to be a copy of “The Great Book of Detroit Sports Lists”, a compilation of lists compiled by Mike “Stoney” Stone and Art Regner, both of WDFN-1130 fame. I cherry-picked the lists I wanted to read from the table of contents, maybe getting through a quarter of the lists before growing tired of lists. Later, the Listcasts would be born thanks to yours truly...

Which brings us to the here and now, Thursday, July 28, 2016 and on the eve of Lions’ training camp. Today, in an effort to help stimulate my brain about an article Chris Lemieux is putting together for y’all in the coming weeks, I grabbed that book off the shelf and dusted it off. As I’m flipping through the pages, I stumble across a couple of lists that earned a sideways smirk from myself: “My Ten Favorite Sanford and Son Episodes” by Joe Dumars, “Top Ten Reasons I Hate the Wolverines” by Mike Valenti and “Detroit’s Best Strip Clubs” by Jeff Moss. No, I’m not kidding about that last one. Page 115. But there was one inclusion that had me reaching for a Tylenol PM, my phone to make an eye appointment and my most favorite place to retreat to the fetal position.

“My Ten Favorite Three Stooges Episodes” by Matt Millen.


Drink it in.

The list of the ten episodes don't even include any reasons as to why Millen ranked each episode where he did — there’s essentially a synopsis included with each episode title — so think of it sort of like how his draft boards probably looked like heading into Day 1 from 2001 until his departure in 2007.

Here’s the list of the episodes:

10. “Dizzy Doctors” (1937)

9. “Men In Black” (1934)

8. “Uncivil Warriors” (1935)

7. “A Plumbing We Will Go” (1940)

6. “Three Little Pigskins” (1934)

5. “Malice In The Palace” (1949)

4. “You Natzy Spy” (1940)

3. “Disorder In The Court” (1936)

2. “Punch Drunks” (1934)

1. “Hoi Polloi” (1935)

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