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Lions Saturday open thread: Has your view on the Lions changed after Friday?

Today's question of the day: After the Lions' preseason game, has your opinion on the team changed?

Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

The Detroit Lions won their preseason opener pretty handily on Friday, sending the Pittsburgh Steelers to their locker room as 30-17 losers. Though the Lions certainly had troubles along the way, they carried the play for the entire game and ended up outgaining the Steelers by nearly 200 yards. So here is today's Question of the Day:

After the Lions' preseason opener, has your opinion on the 2016 Lions changed?

My answer: No. While I'm glad the Lions managed to play a solid game all around, my main concern for the team remain valid: The offensive line. Taylor Decker wasn't the only one to struggle and we once again saw unblocked rusher dashing into the backfield. That being said, there's plenty to be happy about, as well. I just don't read too much into anything when the Steelers' best players were sidelined for the entire game.

Your turn.