Sign up for Pride Of Detroit Fantasy Football, take 2

Sometimes great opportunities come, as well as go in a hurry. Each year Pride Of Detroit sets up a fantasy football league through Yahoo! Fantasy allowing members to join in on the action. Signup went fast and you may have missed it, registration has come and since been closed. But not to worry! HellafunPODFF 2.0 is here to save all the sad and dispirited feeling souls who missed the signup the first time around.

A second league has been created, and you can join by clicking here. Like the first league spots are first come, first serve so if you want to join make sure to not delay. If you do join, leave your name in the comments so you can be identified. The draft will take place Thursday the 25th, at 6:00 p.m. EST

If you miss out(yet again), it's possible somebody could drop out from the league, opening up a spot for a Johnny-come-lately, so make sure to apply anyways. At the least, you can keep your eyes peeled for the extra-official POD annual league signup, which gives more priority to senior members. If you've played in the senior league before please refrain from joining this league, so others have more chance to join in on the fun.

UPDATE: This league is now full. Those of you who see that you applied but have not been accepted, if anybody drops out from the league I will add a update here about a slot being available, but I will email you first to see if you still want to join.

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