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PODcast #48:Crunching preseason games 1 & 2, Quarless backlash and more

Get caught up on everything you need to know about the Lions with PODcast

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Every week it's a new PODcast. New PODcast problems, new PODcast faces, new PODcast topics, new PODcast smells.

This week we were down Alex Reno but gained a great deal of wisdom without him, like the noises Jeremy makes that disgust Ryan Mathews (don't worry, it's hidden deep in the podcast). But we also lay down the truth on preseason, get out all the rest of the talk from game 1 and get you ready for game 2. We take your questions and we keep on chugging along. Go ahead and take a listen on the player now, your ears will thank you.

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This week on the PODcast

  • Somehow we veer into police chase twitter, but we use this effectively to jump into talking about the boy from Winnemucca, Jace Billingsley.

  • More from game 1: our favorites, the offensive line disappoints, and some real talk about Orlovsky and Rudock because the people out there are getting crazy.

  • What do we need to see from the Lions moving forward to feel confident?

  • Some talk about Andrew Quarless, and what making a statement like "zero tolerance" means when it's broken.

  • Briefly previewing game 2 of the preseason. Who needs to step up and what the Lions need to improve upon, and how the Bengals will challenge them in different ways than the Steelers.

  • Mailbag! More quarterback talk somehow, voodoo charms to keep Lions healthy, SummerSlam predictions and the cocktail recipes you need to stay lubricated during the NFL season.

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