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Two NFL announcers had no idea Dan Orlovsky was still in the league

Dan Orlovsky just can’t escape the horrors of his past.

Detroit Lions v Atlanta Falcons

It’s been a rough week for Detroit Lions backup quarterback Dan Orlovsky. He had a very bad interception in the Lions preseason opener that had many fans begging for Jake Rudock to enter the game.

Then later in the weekend, Orlovsky’s most infamous moment of his career was dug up after Browns quarterback Cody Kessler ran out of the end zone in the exact same fashion as Orlovsky did in the fateful 2008 season. Kessler’s safety was a near replica of Orlovsky’s as he escaped the pocket to his right and unknowingly stepped out of the back of the end zone.

Well, if you were watching the Browns game via the Packers television feed, it only got worse for Orlovsky. In the midst of discussing Kessler’s gaffe, announcers Kevin Harlan and Rich Gannon quickly brought up Orlovsky’s incident, teasing the Lions quarterback. But what they said next was particularly insulting:

Harlan: Didn’t Dan Orlovsky do the same thing for Detroit?

Gannon: I think he did.

Harlan: The Lions quarterback?

Gannon: Yeah, and he never lived it down.

Harlan: No.

Gannon: Right? Now he’s in Arizona —

Harlan: [crosstalk] He’s selling pickles in Arizona or something. I don’t know what he’s doing.

That’s right: Dan Orlovsky’s career has become so defined by this safety that professional NFL analysts — and national guys, no less — had no idea Orlovsky has been in the league for all eight years since that play. Granted, Orlovsky has only played in three games since 2012, but this still has to be insulting to a guy who has been working hard to prove his worth as a backup since that embarrassing incident.

Thanks to commenter MichiganDragons for pointing this out in the comment section on Monday.

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