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Ask POD: Back for more

We can't get enough of questions.

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With half of preseason in the books football has never looked so close. It'll look closer next week, but we're gonna have PODcast to keep you busy in the time in-between. It's our weekly dish of Pride Of Detroit for your ears, which could probably use it if we're being quite honest.

As always we devote a segment to your questions, and you should definitely get them in now because we'll be recording before you know it. Ask us about anything; the Lions, the rest of the NFL, life or whatever else suits your fancy. We'll try to answer everything we can. Drop your questions in down in the comments or send a tweet to @PrideOfDetroit on Twitter.

Also, while we're not taking calls on it yet, look out for an announcement in the coming weeks about our special Pride Of Detroit call-in line. We tested it out during the 2016 NFL Draft and we liked the results, so we're bringing it back for the regular season! We'll have a way for your very own voice to possibly make it on PODcast in the near future.

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