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Tuesday open thread: What is your favorite Silverdome memory?

To celebrate the 41st anniversary of the Pontiac Silverdome’s opening, let’s share our fondest memories of the former home of the Lions

Cowboys v Lions  X

The Pontiac Silverdome was a special place for a long time. The home to the Detroit Lions, sure, but it also felt like something unique in the NFL. There have been, and continues to be, stadiums with the puffed out ceilings, but something about the Silverdome felt right in Detroit*.

The Silverdome opened exactly 41 years ago today, and although the building stands as a tattered skeleton of its former self, it remains standing nonetheless. Demolition of the building continues to be put off further and further into the future. At this point, I almost hope the stadium stays there, as a haunted corpse of seasons past. Forgotten, but not gone. But let’s remember it for one more day.

What is your favorite Pontiac Silverdome memory?

My answer I can’t say there’s one moment that stands out to me in the Silverdome, but there are things that I loved about the stadium that I’ll never forget. The turnstile exits that would create such a force of wind, I could barely keep my feet on the ground. The cement staircases permanently stained with the smell of stale beer. Those damn uncomfortable plastic seats with the metal part that was sure to static shock you every single time you returned to your seat. It was the first stadium I fell in love with.

Your turn.

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