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PODcast: Jake Rudock, Dwayne Washingon and roster cut predictions

This week's podcast attempts to grapple with a soon-to-be shrinking roster and two names that have captured the preseason conversation.

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We had to talk about it. The people are talking about it, so we have to do it too. We're all better for it, I would like to think. But the time has come to speak about one position that continues to plague the team's history, and put the argument to bed for good. Well, not really for good, y'all will still argue about it. For us, however, we're trying to get the lid on this thing until more news develops.

That's Jake Rudock, and it's about the backup position and whether he can truly take over for Dan Orlovsky. We weigh everything, we attempt to be fair to all sides in the argument. Man, it is hard though. But we do it! We do it well. You should listen and see how well we do.

We also talk about Dwayne Washington because he's been great in the preseason and we try to dig out more nuggets about what to expect of the Lions offense as the season gets closer and closer. All in all, it's a pretty stacked PODcast and you'll want to get it so you can fill your ears with everything you need to know about the Lions.

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This week on the PODcast

  • Trying to find something to discuss from a fairly forgettable preseason game two, the run game becomes an easy target. Will Theo Riddick keep getting carries out of the backfield? What to make of Dwayne Washington, the late-draft back that's made spectacular plays in two preseason games now?

  • Jake Rudock! He's the big name in town for a lot of Lions fans! He's got the Michigan connection! And most of all, there's a lot of people who want him to get on the team as backup over Dan Orlovsky. We face the music and try to talk as even-headed as we possibly can about this situation, and why everyone is this obsessed about a backup position to begin with.

  • Roster cuts are coming and it's a tall order to chop down a roster from 90 men to 53 in just under two weeks. We take a look at some of the toughest decisions the Lions will need to make. 

  • Mailbag this week features some talk about A'Shawn's role on the roster, DeMarco Murray with the Titans and so much more.

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