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Thursday open thread: Do you prefer an offensive or defensive-minded team?

Which team identity do you like the most or find the most fun to watch?

Green Bay Packers v Detroit Lions Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images

The Greatest Show on Turf was something was one of the coolest things my young football eyes had never seen. I’ll never know if it that St. Louis Rams offense was something truly magical, or if the timing of that team was just right to pique the interest of my teenage mind, which was just starting to delve into the strategy aspect of football. Either way, the Rams were an extremely fun team to watch at the time and I wanted nothing else than for the Detroit Lions to capture this lightning in a bottle.

But then, over a decade later, the 2014 season happened. The Lions ended up capturing lightning in a bottle, but of a different variety. Detroit’s defense, for the first time in my memory, was not only above average, but dominant. Teams gave up running the ball by early in the second quarter, and despite a struggling offense, the Lions would manage to be in every single contest deep into the final quarter. I didn’t think that sort of thing was still possible in the NFL, but the 2014 Detroit Lions defense was something that still leaves me in wonder.

Today’s Question of the Day is:

What kind of team do you prefer your favorite NFL team to be: An offensive-minded team or a defensive-minded team? Which is more fun for you to watch?

My answer: I love me some defense. If a team is able to dominate others defensively, it seems more heroic to me. Given the NFL rulebook is so heavily slanted toward benefitting the offense, if a defense can overcome all of that and take the league by storm — like the 2015 Denver Broncos — there’s something truly special about that team. I don’t subscribe to the "defense wins championships" mantra, but I do find defensive championships to be much more satisfying.

Your turn.

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