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Watch: Lions vs Ravens Preview

Breaking down what to look for in the Week 3 preseason matchup between the Lions and Ravens.

In this video film preview, I take a look at a key play for both the Baltimore Ravens and Detroit Lions.

The first play looks at a play from the Baltimore Ravens and Indianapolis Colts preseason game. In this play, you can see a key player for the Ravens and how the offense is drawn up to exploit the Colts defensive coverage. Make sure to keep an eye on the Ravens offensive formations this week to see if they try and do similar things to limit the Lions' defense.

The second play I look into comes from the Cincinnati Bengals and Detroit Lions second preseason game. I break down the Bengals initial touchdown run from Jeremy Hill. The weakness on this play starts at the line of scrimmage and flows back to the linebackers. Watch the entire front seven this week to see if there is any improvement against the Ravens' run game.

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