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Watch the Detroit Lions win the Super Bowl... in Madden 17

Close enough.

The Detroit Lions are going to win the Super Bowl in 2016; I think everyone in the world already knows that. But for those that can’t wait until February, there’s a solution.

Madden 17 was released on Tuesday, and — naturally — someone immediately went out and made sure to take the Lions, who have never even been to an actual Super Bowl, to a championship season.

Big thanks to YouTube user titansfreak28 for providing the video below:

There are several things I love about this video — you know, besides the phrase "The Detroit Lions have won the Super Bowl." First is Jim Caldwell actually showing emotion, doing his best Jim Schwartz fist pump impression. Then there’s the fact that of all the teams the Lions defeated, it was the Houston Texans, who are one of the other three franchises never to have played in a Super Bowl.

My favorite thing about this clip by far is the final trophy lifting portion of the video. Matthew Stafford, Super Bowl MVP, celebrates on the podium with his teammates Ameer Abdullah, Golden Tate and... Jon Bostic? I can only assume this means DeAndre Levy’s hip fell off after spending the bye week skydiving onto a moving train. That has to be one of the new features in Madden this year, right?

I know we’re all eagerly awaiting the real thing, but this video should help kill time before the actual ceremony five months from now.

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