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PODcast: Anticipating the Lions offense

Preseason concerns lead to some introspection and musing about the team we're starting to see form.

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We've done 54 episodes by my count, but this one gets to be No. 50 by arbitrary rights. Since we launched this we've sat pretty in the top ten of SB Nation podcasts on BlogTalkRadio, which is extremely cool. Thanks, y'all. We got plenty more to come.

In the meantime, let's talk about what we witnessed on Saturday. There's a lot to digest from the dress rehearsal game, and with cuts looming, this may be our last chance to talk about certain players and the goals for the Lions before the season arrives. There's a lot of questions about the offense and we try to tackle the realities of implementing a lot of the systems that are supposedly coming.

You've seen me write it here plenty of times, but you know it's true. Download and subscribe to the PODcast on iTunes and find us out on Stitcher.

This week on the PODcast

  • Reactions to preseason game 3! Yay! Are we feeling excited yet? Are we getting worried? What's going on with the starters? Is it just practice

  • The Lions are going up-tempo this year, but what does that all entail? Do the Lions have the personnel at this point to implement a faster paced offensive system? Have preseason offensive struggles shined some light on the situation? 

  • Is the team equipped to run a power run scheme? After getting some looks at some zone running on Saturday, the team investigates.

  • We finally reach peak #LongsnapperWatch2016. With respects to Jim Price, we go into talking about the Art of Kicking -- or is it snapping?

  • A little patience is preached about the offensive line.

  • Mailbag! We talk about curses, cereal, Joe Dahl and the NFL trade deadline and if it can be improved.

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