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Fantasy Football Mailbag: Your chance to prepare and draft

Watch out, there's another POD podcast project coming in hot.

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Ryan Mathews wants to bring you more fantasy football content. The man truly enjoys his football, fantastically, and when it came time to discussing a spin-off from PODcast into the realm of fantasy football, who was I to say no?

So listen, we're still doing PODcast, and Football Fights is scheduled to come back sometime this month (maybe, I need to talk to Mike). However, fantasy football is the future and we're awesome at it, so we're going to make this thing work. That said, you know what would really help us make it work?

Yep. Mailbag. We want your pressing fantasy football questions, or any problems you might have for your own fantasy teams and leagues. The season's almost here and if you haven't drafted yet, it's time to get your advice from the best. Maybe you're in a keeper league; Ryan's got hot tips on that. We'll have tips for daily fantasy sports too, because we're good for that as well.

If you like our fantasy sports coverage, which has brought you excellent coverage on everything you need to know, like how to pick a kicker in Week 12, you should certainly send us your best questions about fantasy football, drafting in fantasy football and all fantasy football accessories.

You also should subscribe to the Pride Of Detroit podcast feed on iTunes, where you'll get the new fantasy podcast, PODcast, and Football Fights.

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