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Ask POD: We smell the preseason

It's your chance for more training camp questions, preseason pondering and musing over life.

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The much reviled Packers are the first to take to the preseason field on Sunday, but the Lions are not far from action. There's still a few more sessions of training camp, but just like that, the summer is gone with a flash and we'll soon be watching football; not really football, football, but it's still football.

We're nearly there and we need your questions to help fuel us for the final stretch before we shift into gear for the preseason. We need your questions about training camp -- what we've seen out there, who we like, all that -- and about anything else that's tickling your fancy right now. Here on the PODcast, we answer questions about anything and everything.

So give it a go. Ask us about the Lions, or movies, or maybe about our favorite celestial bodies. We'll put them all into the PODcast when we record for this week and you'll be able to hear us read them off and answer them. That's how a mailbag works.

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