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Fantasy football podcast: How to have fun with a draft party, wagers and the first round

Ryan and Chris launch a new venture to talk about the simple joys of fake football.

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With the season so close now, fantasy football creeps back into the minds of men and women across this nation. That great beast can be joyous and dreadful in varying degrees, and leagues are made of different arrangements of comrades, some more committed than others. How do you survive? How do you ensure that they will have as much fun as you will? How do you keep everyone invested so that by Week 12 there's not three people running with D/ST and RB2s on byes and not a care in the world?

Ryan Mathews and myself are working on a new weekly podcast now where we'll fill you in on the wonders of the world of fantasy football. This pilot hopes to teach you very important key elements to the game that goes beyond who to slot in at quarterback. On this first episode, we give advice on how to make sure your fantasy draft party is fun but not overly testosterone-laden, what acceptable wagers are necessary to keep everyone involved, how to pick prizes and just have fun with the time before the season begins. We also discuss the changing state of first round draft picks and why the running back is no longer a guaranteed king. We also take a few questions about one particular problematic work league and discuss why people are going insane for Ezekiel Elliott (and why you should probably not blow a top pick on him).

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