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Call-in line, Facebook Live and more: how to interact with us on game day

Want to give your thoughts about the game? Call us, tweet us and more!

Charles Woodson

It’s Game 1 tonight and Detroit Lions football is back. We have plenty of opportunities for our readers to make the voices known every day, but why stop at the comments? Why not give us a call and tell us what you think after the game is over? You can do that, baby.

We set up a Pride Of Detroit call-in line, and you’re invited to give your thoughts. Just call (313) 757-2981 and wait for the message machine to take your call. Keep your thoughts short and get to your point quickly, and we’ll use your call on the next episode of the Pride Of Detroit PODcast!

But interacting with the Pride Of Detroit staff doesn’t stop there. Stick around on our Facebook page after the game ends to hear our own Ryan Mathews break down the game and take your questions on Facebook Live. He’ll be live, drinking gatorade and giving instant reactions to the football game after it’s wrapped.

Finally, we’re always active on Twitter! Follow us at @PrideOfDetroit to get our analysis and reactions in real time during the game, not to mention keeping up with everything as it is published here on Pride Of Detroit.

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