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2016 Detroit Lions hype video compilation

It’s game day, so let’s get hyped with a slew of internet videos.

Vikings v Lions X

I’ve always envied great writers like Spencer Hall, who can continually come up amazing opening day pieces that both get you amped up for football but also makes you consider why we all take part in this charade. This year’ piece, simply entitled “BUFFALO”, is an amazing read and I highly suggest it.

Today is a special day, and it’s really hard to explain that to people that don’t like football. “Really? You spend ALL DAY watching football?” they’ll say. And you’ll completely understand the question. There’s no reason spend the fleeting time we have on this Earth—let alone what little free time we have—watching sports for 10 hours straight.

But we all do it. People of all beliefs, genders, ages, intelligences and races get together and watch the game we all love so much.

Considering all the horror in life—as today reminds us more than any other day—this ritual is both horrifying and beautiful. But rather than write 2000 words on the complicated feelings that our fandom should create, let’s just celebrate it.

I can’t explain why football makes me happy, but these videos below do a pretty good job. Happy football, everyone. Go Lions!

And you can’t start the season without watching these two videos first:

(for the Matthew Stafford “Mic’d up” version, click here)

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