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PODcast #52: Everything that did and didn’t work for the Lions in Week 1

Breaking down everything from the first game and looking ahead.

Detroit Lions v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Every week we bring you everything you need about the Detroit Lions in audio form. That’s the PODcast, the Pride Of Detroit podcast, and it’s time to finally talk about some true football.

The Colts game presented a tale of two halves, as the cliche goes, with plenty to talk about on both sides of the ball. We get to all of that, we unveil new segments, and we take every question we can in a double-sized mailbag to celebrate the season. If you like your Lions football in your ears, you should be listening to the PODcast.

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This week on the PODcast:

  • Breaking down the offense! They did a lot of goods. How much is for real? Can you expect to see Theo Riddick belting off more of those runs? How about that final run for Matthew Stafford, huh?
  • Definitely things to improve upon for the defense. How much of it was just going up against Andrew Luck? What surprised us when it came to this defense when it hit the ground, and where can things be changed in the coming weeks?
  • Two rants! Ryan Mathews goes off about Kerry Hyder and roster decisions while Jeremy Reisman gets to talk about clock management and Jim Caldwell.
  • Our brand new segment: Wally’s World. Who is Wally? Listen and find out why you want to hear about all that goes on in that particular plane of reality.
  • A double-sized mailbag that remains surprisingly Lions focused for two segments. Y’all had a lot of questions from Week 1 and we answer all of them.

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