Third and 8 at Green Bay

Edit (28 SEP 2016 Wednesday): For reference, here is Dave Birkett's Film study article on this exact play at the Detroit Free Press:

Rodgers spent six seconds in the pocket, surveying the field, and initially stepped forward as if he were going to escape through a hole in the middle of the line. But when Rodgers looked to his left and noticed an alley where Taylor and Walker would have been had they not been knocked to the ground, he changed course and sprinted outside.


In case you were wondering why Aaron Rodgers was able to escape to his left with nobody around on that entire side of the field... watch the stuff going on in the red boxes on Taylor to the outside and Walker on the inside.

Presented without commentary (side note: Gilberry fell down on his own after a slight nudge by Ngata on the stunt):


Here is the same play in motion:


Rodgers scrambled more or less where that blue line is going for a first down. The replay that was aired during the final Lions timeout has a better angle from above:


Here's an extreme close up that was shown as the TV guys were lavishing praise on the offensive linemen for providing so much time:


"But the offensive line, they understand their quarterback. They know they can't just block for three seconds and call it a day. It's the extension -- it's a little bit different from how Ben Roethlisberger does it..."

"Watch what these guys do, because they don't give up on a play. Because they know about their quarterback. Look how they stay with it..."

And no, as far as I can tell, none of the defensive linemen were using a rip move.

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