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Lions approval poll: Jim Caldwell (September 2016)

Do you approve of the job Jim Caldwell has done as head coach of the Detroit Lions?

Detroit Lions v Green Bay Packers Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

It has been a while since we’ve checked in with the public opinion of Jim Caldwell. In fact, it’s been eight months since we’ve last ran an approval poll for the Detroit Lions head coach. Back in January, as the Lions finished the 2015 season with a 6-2 run, 59 percent of Lions fans were happy with the job Caldwell has done with the team.

Since then, a lot has happened. Caldwell is working under a new president, a new general manager, and has a slew of new players at his disposal.

The Lions are off to a rocky 1-2 start, but Caldwell has yet to do anything personally egregious to hurt the Lions’ chances of winning through three weeks. Granted, this team hasn’t always looked as prepared as they should have been either coming out of the locker room at halftime or even the way they started the game in Green Bay. In fact, Caldwell took the brunt of the blame for Sunday’s loss. When asked if he put any of the loss on himself, Caldwell didn’t hesitate in responding, "It’s all coaching, if you ask me."

Here’s a look at how Caldwell has graded out throughout his tenure with the Lions:

January 2016: 59% approval
December 2015: 12% approval
November 2015: 8% approval
July 2015: 91% approval
January 2015: 89% approval
December 2014: 85% approval
November 2014: 87% approval
October 2014: 94% approval
September 2014: 96% approval
August 2014: 67% approval
June 2014: 77% approval

It’s probably a little unfair to poll the fanbase directly after a loss, but it also is a time where his performance is freshest in our minds.

So what do you think of the job Caldwell has done thus far? Is it time to consider moving on? Do you have faith he will turn the ship around? Vote below and discuss—peacefully—on your opinions below.

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