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Lions vs Bears: Random stats part one

Taking a look at the history between the Lions and Bears.

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Here we go Lions fans. Week 4 is upon us, and with it comes the chance to play another bitter rival of the NFC North. There are some interesting things to point out in this game. Both teams are dealing with injuries. The Lions have had a lot of recent success against the Bears and the Lions are playing in Chicago on the road early in the season, as opposed to the classic cold weather games. Let's start things by going back in time. Way back to 1930.

Way back to 1930

The Lions and the Bears first played each other on October 22, 1930. Chuck Schmidt and the Lions would go on to beat Carl Brumbaugh and the Bears in a 7-6 shootout. One month later, the Lions would travel to Chicago to play the Bears for the first time ever in the Windy City. In a battle at Wrigley Field, the Bears would take a 14-6 win. 86 years later, the Bears hold a 56-27-4 record against the Lions at home.

Week 4

The Lions have played the Bears in Week 4 nine times in the last 86 years. I was shocked to see that the Lions hold the winning record on this one. The Lions are 5-4 against the Bears in Week 4. The last meeting was way back in 2013 when the Lions beat the Bears 40-32. A bonus random stat on that game: That was Calvin Johnson's birthday.

Back up

There's a clear difference about this upcoming matchup. In recent history, the Bear were almost always led by Jay Cutler. This time the Bears will likely be led by their backup and former Michigan State quarterback Brian Hoyer. In my lifetime, this type of thing has been the case many times. In fact, since 1985 the Lions have played the Bears with a backup quarterback 16 times. Here's the breakdown on that.

Year Player Score Win/Loss
1986 Doug Flutie 16-13 Loss
1988 Mike Tomczak 24-7 Loss
1988 Jim Harbaugh 13-12 Loss
1989 Jim Harbaugh 27-17 Win
1994 Erik Kramer 21-16 Win
1997 Steve Stenstrom 26-3 Win
1999 Cade McNown 28-10 Loss
1999 Jim Miller 21-17 Win
2000 Shane Matthews 23-20 Loss
2002 Chris Chandler 23-20 Win
2002 Chris Chandler 20-17 Loss
2004 Chad Hutchinson 19-13 Win
2004 Rex Grossman 20-16 Win
2007 Brian Griese 37-27 Win
2007 Brian Griese 16-7 Win
2014 Jimmy Clausen 20-14 Win

As you can see, the Lions are 10-6 when playing the Bears with a backup under center. Can the Lions continue that fortune this week? They certainly have one other big thing in their favor.

Three Years

The Lions will go into this game with the benefit of a six-game winning streak over the Bears. The Lions have not lost to the Bears since December 30th, 2012, when the Bears put the final nail into the Lions 4-12 season with a 26-24 win. Then the Lions went on a run. The Lions have averaged 29.4 points per game against the Bears over this run. That's good news for an Lions offense that currently ranks third in the NFL.

We'll soon see if the Lions can keep the streak going or if the Bears can finally end it.

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