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Football Fights 2: The Rematch

The NFC North does battle once again

Boxing: Mayweather vs Pacquiao-Weigh Ins Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Back in June, four gladiators entered the coliseum with only one thing on their minds: win. Insults were thrown, facts were spewed and weapons were drawn. Everyone made it out alive. But only one man stood above the rest.

Sadly, the warrior whose hand was raised in victory was not of the Detroit quadrant of the NFC North. It was Tex Western of ACME Packing Company representing the Green Bay Packers, who we all despise so very much (the team, not Tex). How long will Tex’s reign of terror last?

We’ll soon find out, as this week we open up the coliseum doors once again and prepare to do battle once more. Tex will defend his Football Fights title against Mike Payton of Pride Of Detroit, Lester Wilfong Jr of Windy City Gridiron and Arif Hasan of The Daily Norseman in the second Football Fights podcast.

For those that are not familiar with the Football Fights podcast, here’s how it works. FF is much like a debate, but with four individuals instead of two teams. Our moderator, the one and only Chris Lemieux, along with fact checker Ryan Mathews, will ask the combatants questions. Each combatant will get a certain amount of time to give their best effort and sell their answer. Whoever has the best answer, gets the point. Whoever has the most points at the end wins.

This week’s battle will be all about the upcoming 2016 NFL Season. Projected records, who wins the division? Who’s the worst team in the division? What will happen Week 1? These questions will be asked this week, but we need your help, NFC North fans. Like last time, we ask for your questions to be a major part of our battle.

Feel free to ask us anything. Is Clay Matthews’ hair fake? Will Jay Cutler smile? Sam Bradford? Anything that comes to mind, we want to fight over it. Here’s how your questions can make it to the battleground:

  1. Leave your questions in the comment section of this post
  2. Tweet us your questions with #FootballFights
  3. Tweet any any of the combatants (twitter accounts linked to writer’s name)
  4. And that’s pretty much it

Be sure to send them in soon. We need your questions post haste. Rest easy fight fans. Winter is coming. Or something like that.

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