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2016 NFL predictions: Will the Lions make the playoffs this season?

Is the postseason in the Lions’ future? Our staff weighs in.

Wild Card Playoffs - Detroit Lions v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

In preparation for the 2016 Detroit Lions season, we polled the Pride Of Detroit staff on their predictions for the Lions season. Next up, will the Lions qualify for the playoffs this season

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Will the Detroit Lions make the playoff in 2016?

Kent Lee Platte


This team will finish third in the division and miss the playoffs.

Mike Payton


The Lions certainly have a shot to sneak up on teams and get themselves into the playoffs. It's all going to come down to the play of the offensive line and if the Lions can balance out their offense. If these things happen, I have no doubt that the Lions will make the playoffs.

Kyle Yost


A lot of things will have to go right for the Lions to make the playoffs in 2016, and thinking they will all happen is extremely hopeful. The roster may very well be better than it was last year, but plenty of other teams have made improvements as well.

Joseph Buszek


Again, I hate the circumstances under which this has become possible, but I believe the Teddy Bridgewater injury takes the Vikings out of the playoff race this year. I don't see a team in the NFC East or South taking two teams into the playoffs, so it's down to the North and West divisions to battle it out for the wild card spots. Those conference matchups may be the biggest games of the year for the Lions playoff chances.

Justin Simon


There's a chance they squeak into the playoffs, but it might be a thin one. My guess is that it comes down to common games against a team like Minnesota, who I also think could end up in that nine-game win range. I'm not sure the Lions are going to hang with the Packers despite good showings against them last year. I think the Lions only shot at the playoffs this year is through a wildcard berth.

Andrew Kato


They will be a 10-win team that misses the wild card.

Ryan Mathews


The Lions will make the playoffs! They’re going to ride the arm of Jake Ru… Wait, he got cut?!? Well now I have to reconsider my answer.

Yes, the Lions make the playoffs in 2016.

Christopher Lemieux



Alex Reno


The Lions will finish third in the NFC North behind the Green Bay Packers and the Minnesota Vikings and above the Chicago Bears (we own them) for the second straight year. Bob Quinn will be forced to deal with the difficult decision of whether or not to retain Jim Caldwell as the head coach and fans will continue to show impatience with their beloved Lions.

Jeremy Reisman


The Lions have a roster that is good enough to make the postseason, but they would have to be very fortunate for all of the things to come together and make it work. The offensive line would have to build chemistry sooner rather than later. The defense would have to stay pristinely healthy throughout the entire year. Detroit would have to build some semblance of a running game. That’s too many "would haves." The Lions just miss out on the playoffs for a second straight year.

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