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NFL Week 1 expert picks: We’re unanimously picking the Lions over the Colts

Call us crazy, but we think the Detroit Lions are going 1-0 to start the year.

Oakland Raiders v Detroit Lions Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images

Opening weekend in the NFL is weird. Everyone thinks they know how the NFL is going to play out but most of them fail to admit that we know next to nothing. Fanbases are convinced experts and analysts are underrating their team and overlooking their improvement. Draft picks are expected to dominate, while veterans will bring their savviness to a young team. Coaches in new homes will bring a scheme that will finally fit the team. Free agent acquisitions will be clear upgrades from last year’s trash heap, and the guy your team got rid of has no chance of succeeding on his new team.

Your rivals all certainly got worse. Their myopic offseason strategy left them extremely vulnerable in multiple positions, while their draft picks were laughable. Your division is not only winnable, but should be wrapped up by Week 15. I mean, look at the schedule! Several games are already marked in pens with a bold W, while games you’re worried about—if there are any at all—are marked with a question mark, not an L.

We here at Pride Of Detroit are not immune to the hypnotism of the offseason. The Detroit Lions face off against the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday, and most are pointing to a Colts victory. They’re around four-point favorites. Seven of nine ESPN personalities are picking the Colts. Four out of five at Fox Sports has Indy coming away with the home opener.

But us? We have a different opinion. All 11 staffers are going with the Lions. Here’s a look at the pick:

[Editor’s note: Mike Payton is choosing not to pick scores, simply the winners this season]

Justin Simon: 27-21 Lions
Alex Reno: 27-23 Lions
Joseph Buszek: 30-24 Lions
Kyle Yost: 26-20 Lions
Ryan Mathews: 35-24 Lions
Andrew Kato: 23-13 Lions
Kent Lee Platte: 31-21 Lions
Chris Lemieux: 11-8 Lions
Brian Packer: 27-24 Lions
Mike Payton: Lions win
Jeremy Reisman: 27-20 Lions

Maybe we’re all delusional over Chris’ Honolulu Blue Kool Aid recipe, but we all think this is a good matchup for Lions. Then again, maybe we’re not so crazy. Five of eight guys at CBS Sports are taking the Lions and even the guys over at Stampede Blue are picking Detroit.

Now it’s your turn to make the prediction. Below is our prediction widget. Enter the score below and Pride Of Detroit will get a ranking each week in comparison to other SB Nation blogs to see how accurate we are. Also, don’t forget to put your prediction in the comment section of this post or in On Paper for a shot at a crappy little prize in next week’s On Paper column.

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