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NFL prediction poll: Will Jim Caldwell be the Detroit Lions head coach in 2017?

With a new general manager in town, does Jim Caldwell last through 2017?

NFL: International Series-Detroit Lions Practice Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

In preparation for the 2016 Detroit Lions season, we polled the Pride Of Detroit staff on their predictions for the Lions season. Next up, will the Jim Caldwell be coaching the team in 2017?

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Will Jim Caldwell be the head coach of the Detroit Lions in 2017?

Kent Lee Platte


This should be the end of Jim Caldwell in Detroit, likely putting the team in the hands of one of their talented coordinators or New England's Matt Patricia in 2017 and beyond.

Mike Payton


I do not think so. Even if the Lions do make the playoffs in 2016, if Caldwell can't get them past the first round, he's likely gone. This seems to be an era of urgency for the Lions. They don't have time to waste hoping Caldwell can be the guy.

Kyle Yost


No. Jim Caldwell is not a bad coach, but there is not enough reason to believe he will take the Lions to where they want to go. General manager Bob Quinn is tailoring the organization to his liking and will want to bring in his own guy for Year 2.

Joseph Buszek


If the season plays out like I am predicting it will, the Lions will make the playoffs and may even earn their first postseason victory in 25 years, if they can get a favorable matchup in the wild card round. That will certainly be enough to retain Caldwell for at least another year. If the season doesn't end with a playoff game, I think his time in Detroit is over.

Justin Simon


I think a [RECORD PREDICTION REDACTED] record will save Caldwell's job. Look, Bob Quinn knows he has to build this roster up and understands that not all of the problems fall on the coaching staff. If this team is competitive throughout the season and is fighting for a playoff spot at the end of the year, that's good enough for Caldwell to return.

Andrew Kato


Since I am predicting a [RECORD PREDICTION REDACTED] win season, yes. It would take a 6-10 season or worse to get Caldwell fired.

Ryan Mathews


Jim Caldwell will be the the Detroit Lions’ head coach in 2017.

Christopher Lemieux


He should, regardless of record, but he won't be.

Alex Reno


No. The Lions aren't going to make the playoffs this year and Bob Quinn has already made some cold-hearted moves this offseason. I mean does this guy look like he's messing around?

Jeremy Reisman


I do not believe Caldwell is in a lame duck situation where it is playoffs-or-bust for him. However, I do believe that the Lions will struggle this year, and Quinn won’t be able to avoid the temptation to blow up the team. It will be unfortunate to lose the talented coordinators on the team, but that’s how a rebuild works.

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