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Tuesday open thread: What was your favorite game of the 2016 season?

Let’s try to remember the 2016 for its better moments.

Detroit Lions v Minnesota Vikings Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

It’s hard to know what the 2016 Detroit Lions season will ultimately be remembered for. Sure, the four-game skid to end the year is what most of us are focused on at the moment. How could you not be? But widening the scope of the season, and you’ll remember some of the truly magical moments from the 2016 season.

This is a season that saw a record amount of fourth quarter comebacks. We saw the Lions win eight of nine games, their best stretch at any point of a regular season since 1995. We saw game-clinching interceptions, game-winning field goals and overtime butt-flips. This was truly an amazing season. So let’s put the negativity aside for a minute and remember the good times. Today’s Question of the Day is:

What was your favorite game from the Detroit Lions 2016 season?

My answer: Week 9 at Minnesota Vikings. Way back in early November, the Lions were just 4-4, coming off a bad loss to the Texans. Despite pulling themselves out of a 1-3 hole, there wasn’t much hope for the team making a real splash in 2016. The Vikings were 5-2, and even though they had lost their last two, no one was giving Detroit much of a chance in Minnesota’s new stadium (Vikings were favored by six).

Detroit took a 10-3 lead into the half but, like many times this season, had big issues in the third and fourth quarter. The Vikings pulled ahead by 3 on a goal line rush with just 23 seconds to go. Detroit, with no timeouts at their disposal, needed a miracle. That miracle came in the form of a play the team had added that week: a 27-yard bullet brazenly thrown over the middle of the field to Andre Roberts. Matthew Stafford huddled to the line, spiked the ball and Matt Prater—with ice in his veins—nailed a 58-yard field goal with ease to tie the game up.

Then this happened in overtime:

Your turn.

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