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PODcast: Lions, sandwiches and popery

It’s feeling like the offseason but we talk about the playoffs and so much more.

2017 Winter TCA Tour - Day 10 Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Have you heard about the new Pope? “The Young Pope.” I miss the old Pope, the black and gold Pope, that Kanye meme Pope. I also miss Lions football, but there’s still some of the NFL on television. And wouldn’t you know it? I have this delicious sandwich in front of me.

How are all these things related? The Pride Of Detroit PODcast. You’re going to find all within and far more. The PODcast never sleeps; it keeps vigil over the den while waiting for the lions to slumber. But the PODcast gets bored and needs to amuse itself too.

If you’re new, this is our motto. The PODcast is about Lions football, and fun.

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This week on the PODcast

  • Right out of the gate? It’s the Pope. “The Young Pope.” Who is he? You’ll find out later.
  • That’s right let’s talk about the NFL playoffs. We hate the Packers. We hate Aaron Rodgers. You cannot curb this pain and anguish. It is the boiling power of a thousand voices crying “I’m not mad.”
  • A little diversion into the early Lions offseason. Teryl Austin remains in Detroit after apparently striking out on coach openings and the Lions block Brian Callahan from interviewing with teams. We talk about both.
  • The Sandwich LISTCAST is finally unveiled. We go to town on Food Republic’s rankings and reveal why ours are superior, because they’re in a LISTCAST. I still don’t know if we’re stylizing this as LISTCAST or merely listcast. This one’s been in the making for a while.
  • Mailbag time keeps us warm through the offseason. Find out why “The Young Pope” isn’t just a meme on Twitter, our continuing distrust of artificial intelligence in Amazon products, whether the Lions should pick up Eric Ebron’s option, who we will miss in free agency if they walk and so much more.

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