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Thursday open thread: What do you think of the job Rod Wood has done as Lions president?

Do you approve of the job Rod Wood has done as team president?

Washington Redskins v Detroit Lions Photo by Diane Weiss/Getty Images

We’ve talked a lot about the job Detroit Lions general manager Bob Quinn has done in his first year with the organization, but he isn’t the only new face in the front office. Rod Wood was hired as team president in late November 2015 and has made several changes to the organization in a short amount of time.

So today’s Question of the Day is:

What do you think of the job done by Lions president Rod Wood after over a year?

My answer: I have been pleasantly surprised by Wood so far. Wood generated a lot of buzz around the Lions organization in his inaugural year as the team’s president. He managed to quickly bring in cheerleaders for the fans that have been begging for it for decades. He upgraded the Ford Field experience by adding a bunch of new features for tailgating and even finally improved stadium wi-fi.

Wood basically addressed every single concern fans had about the gameday experience and even had some neat, innovative ideas, like adding the standing-room only sections for the Lions’ final home game.

Overall, I’m very impressed about the job Wood has done in 14 short months. I have to say I was a bit uninspired by the hire at first, but he’s done everything I could realistically expect since arriving.

...oh, and BIG BLUE DONUT!

Your turn.

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