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WATCH: Matthew Stafford mic’d up vs. Green Bay Packers

We know you don’t want to relive the game, but Stafford on the mic is must-see TV.

NFL: Green Bay Packers at Detroit Lions Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Matthew Stafford has made a living out of being one of the most entertaining players when wearing a microphone during an NFL game. There was the amazing comeback against the Dallas Cowboys that spawned the RILEEYEYEYEYE meme. Then there was the “home-cooking” moment during the controversial playoff game against the Cowboys the following year. Of course, no moment is more iconic than Stafford’s unbelievable throw against the Cleveland Browns with a separated shoulder during his rookie year. That’s why NFL Films named Stafford the No. 1 Mic’d Up Guy of All-Time.

Sunday night’s game against the Packers didn’t involve any thrilling moments like the one above, but Stafford has still become a “mic’d up” legend. He wore the mic for the big “Sunday Night Football” game, and did not disappoint again.

Watch the ‘Sound FX’ segment here

Highlights of the segment include:

  • After getting railed by Packers linebacker Julius Peppers, Stafford manages to get to his feet before Peppers does and tell him, “Good shot, man.”
  • Earlier in the week Eric Ebron talked about a block he made that helped spring a 13-yard run. “I thought I died,” Ebron told reporters. We see the aftermath of that block, where Ebron actually broke his helmet and Stafford tried to fix it.
  • There’s also a compelling moment watching Stafford watch Aaron Rodgers buy time and score what would ultimately be the game-winning touchdown.

If you’re so inclined, NFL Films show “NFL Turning Point”, which is by far the best NFL Films produced show, did a full six minute segment on the game. It’s excellent, if you can go through reliving the pain of the game.

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