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Friday open thread: Who will be key player on offense vs. Seahawks?

Who on the Lions offense has the best chance at leading them to victory on Saturday?

NFL: Detroit Lions at Seattle Seahawks Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

On Thursday, we discussed which Detroit Lions player on defense is the key to victory against the Seattle Seahawks on Saturday. Let’s now turn our attention to the other side of the ball.

The Detroit Lions offense has been an enigma. At times, it has looked so dominant and elite. While at other times, the offense looks just as bad as the defense. One doesn’t have to look any farther than Detroit’s past two games. In one half, both against the Packers and the Cowboys, the Lions offense was scorching. However, the team would follow up both performances with a second half featuring little-to-no offensive threat.

So today’s Question of the Day is:

Who will be the Lions’ key player on offense against the Seahawks?

My answer: The answer is Matthew Stafford, but let’s dig a little deeper than that. I think the overall success of this offense will depend on whoever is Detroit’s center in this game. Starter Travis Swanson is inching closer to a return from his concussion, but it’s still unknown if he’ll be able to give it a go. If not, rookie Graham Glasgow will keep the job, and it’ll be his responsibility to help manage the Seahawks impressive pass rush.

The best way to counter a pass rush is with a running game, and regardless of whether Swanson plays or not, Glasgow will be important in accomplishing that goal. So while the Lions will eventually succeed or not at the hand of Stafford, the Lions’ center, among the rest of the offensive line, has a huge responsibility on Saturday.

Your turn.

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