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WATCH: Golden Tate flip his way into the endzone for a 45-yard TD

He did it again.

Golden Tate is the master of yards after the catch. We all know that. But he topped himself on Sunday with one hell of a play.

Tate breaks not one, not two, but three tackles on his way to this 45-yard touchdown play. Tate’s individual effort is extremely impressive, but check out the play Zach Zenner makes in pass protection. Had he not picked up the blitz perfectly, this play never happens.

And, of course, in true Tate fashion, he crossed the goal line in fashion. Unfortunately there were no Saints defenders around to take a face full of butt, but this flip would earn him a 10.0 from the international judges.

But Tate wasn’t done there. He also had to give the ball a little elbow drop in the endzone.

That’s one way to break out of a offensive funk. Unfortunately, the Saints responded quickly and lead 14-7 in the first quarter. The shootout is on.