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VIDEO: The full version of Golden Tate’s ‘People’s Elbow’ celebration is even better


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We all saw on Sunday when Golden Tate spun his way out of three tackles and flipped his way into the endzone against the New Orleans Saints. And thanks to the production crew at FOX, we also got to see Tate celebrate the touchdown by giving the ball a taste of his elbow on what looked to be a legitimate—and painful-looking—elbow drop.

The celebration earned him props from the wrestler who inspired the move, The Rock. He applauded the move on Twitter, saying, “Heart stoppin’, elbow droppin’.. @ShowtimeTate brings the dangerously exposed elbow to the pigskin today.”

But as Tate responded, the broadcast crew missed the entire celebration, which was spectacularly extravagant.

Thankfully, there were plenty of other cameras on Tate at the time, and the full celebration is now available for all to see. Check it out:

(You can watch a cleaner version of the entire celebration here at the 1:15 mark)

There is so much to like about this full celebration: The authenticity—if you’re unfamiliar with the wrestling move, check it out here. Then there’s Matthew Stafford standing idly nearby, just in awe. And Marvin Jones ready to give the football a three-count.

But maybe my favorite part of the entire celebration is Eric Ebron coming into the frame in full Surrender Cobra form, acting like Tate just killed the football.

Tate’s celebration has been widely lauded across the NFL. CBS’s Pete Blackburn gave The People’s Elbow an A grade, the highest of the week. “Tate’s perfect execution of the move just makes it that much better,” Blackburn said.

The folks over at “Good Morning Football” also had an entire segment on Week 6 celebrations and Tate got the most love:

Unfortunately, Tate suffered an injury later in the game and is expected to miss a few weeks. Here’s hoping he’ll be back soon enough to continue making great plays and executing even better endzone celebrations.

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