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Detroit Lions Week 6 Song of the Game: ‘Shipwrecked’ by Mick Jenkins

After a hot start, the Lions are back to a .500 record, and someone needs to right the ship.

NFL: Detroit Lions at New Orleans Saints Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

“... We was six deep...”

Many thought if the Lions managed to break even at the midway point of their season, things would be fine. Merely managing to make it to 4-4, a .500 record, would be enough for this team as the second half of their schedule opened up a bit, and turns decidedly easier on the back end.

It remains to be seen if that will be the case, but after Detroit’s 3-1 start, it’s certainly difficult to view their 3-3 record heading into the bye as anything but a disappointment. That’s the thing about expectations, though: They’ll usually leave you disappointed. But circumstances have changed, and with the injury to Aaron Rodgers, the NFC North is as wide open for a new champion as it’s ever been.

Lions-Saints Song of the Game: “Shipwrecked” by Mick Jenkins

Detroit is banged up all across their 53-man roster. Matthew Stafford is nursing injuries from ribs to toes. Ezekiel Ansah is trying to get healthy for the first time since 2015, while A’Shawn Robinson and Anthony Zettel may be dealing with undisclosed injuries as of Tuesday.

They have a lot of healing to do during their week to rest and recover, but even then, they could be without some major contributors when the Steelers come to town on Sunday night, Oct. 29—Golden Tate, Glover Quin, and Taylor Decker just to name a few.

It can feel as though the Lions are stuck out at sea during this bye week, biding time in the waves on the remnants of a ship that got them this far. But this boat needs more than just the hole in the hull to be plugged before they get back on course.

“I’m staring at the sky like ‘Why panic?’
Don’t you know who I pray to? We’ve been looking like prey...”

But still, the loss of Aaron Rodgers looms over the North like a total A’clipse. Injuries to the likes of Tate, T.J. Lang, and Kenny Golladay don’t seem like they’re significant enough to keep them on the shelf for an extended period of time, and that’s nothing but good news for Detroit’s chances to stake their claim atop the NFC North mountain.

And the prospect of getting back the Guardian Angel of Stafford’s back side Taylor Decker and Punt God Sam Martin on the other side of the bye makes Detroit more predator than prey in this newfound North division.

Fans, people, are thirsty for this team to quench their taste for playoff football. As long as the Lions get healthy, they have a chance to save their season, and save a lot of people’s wavering hope.

Note: Week 3’s choice of “Sober” by Tool has been replaced by “Popcorn” by Hot Butter because Tool is not currently available on the platform and “Popcorn” is hilarious.