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Late games open thread

The NFC North is done for the day, but there is still plenty of football to be had.

Pittsburgh Steelers v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

The early morning took care of all the NFC North games for the week, meaning this last set of games doesn’t hold quite the importance the early games did. That being said, there is still a good set of football games ahead.

Here’s a look at the docket for the late afternoon games:

Cowboys at 49ers
Broncos at Chargers
Bengals at Steelers
Seahawks at Giants

Okay, maybe these set of games aren’t exactly the kind you, or the NFL, were looking for. But it’s still football, right? I mean, technically speaking, it’s football.

Alright, here. Let me sell it to you. The Lions play both the Bengals and the Steelers this year, so why not watch that game and get your scouting on? The Cowboys have a chance to lose their fourth game of the season already. That would be pretty fun, right? And wouldn’t it feel like a feather in the Lions’ cap if the Giants pulled the upset over the Seahawks?

Alright, you should probably be spending one of the last few nice days outside while you still can, but if you’ve got a football addiction, please at least spend your time with us.

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