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Ask POD: Bye week bustin’

A well-timed break from Lions football has the PODcast alert and focused yet again.

Detroit Lions v New Orleans Saints Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

PODcast appreciates the bye week. It’s hard to not have Lions football on the television, but sometimes you need to take a break, get a cold shower and come back at it refreshed and reinvigorated. I didn’t watch much football this weekend. I had fun with other things. Knitting, maybe. Not saying I did knitting, but it was a possibility that was considered in the multiverse of the bye week’s potential.

That’s over now, and soon we’ll be back to where we were; but not before the PODcast has had its bye week episode. We’re doing a LISTCAST and plenty of fun stuff... like this here mailbag! That’s right, we’ve been doing this on Twitter after the games normally, but now we’re bringing it back to the site on this fortuitous occasion.

Drop off your question in the comments down below, or fire a tweet to @PrideOfDetroit with #AskPOD. Mailbag gets answered at the end of PODcast, and your question could be part of it!

Ask about the Lions! Or don’t, you can ask us about Halloween stuff or movies or video games. We’re opinionated jerks from the Midwest, we’ll talk about anything.

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