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Lions vs. Steelers: Random Stats

A look back at the history between the Lions and Steelers.

NFL: Preseason-Detroit Lions at Pittsburgh Steelers Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Here we are, Lions fans: Week 8. The bye week is over. Now you have ten guaranteed weeks of Lions football left and then the regular season is over. Speaking of bye weeks, let’s do a little recap of what we learned last week.

First off, we learned that the Lions are 111-172 in the remaining games after the bye. We also learned that Detroit is 15-8 in remaining games after the bye during the Jim Caldwell era. One Random Stat that peeked my interest is one I didn’t find. Credit goes to Cheatsheet War Room. Thanks for the stat, fellas.

Now let’s talk about Lions vs. Steelers stuff. First, we have to do that thing where we get in our time machine and go back in time.

Let’s go back to November 4th, 1934. In the eighth game of the franchise’s history as the Detroit Lions, the team welcomed the Pittsburgh Pirates into the University of Detroit stadium. Yes, this is still a football article. The Steelers were the Pittsburgh Pirates from 1933 to 1939. Interesting enough, the Pirates baseball team was around at the same time. Pretty confusing stuff. #The30’sWereAWeridTimeStat

Anyhow, this game has some significance. The Lions were in the middle of a seven-game shutout streak. This is the second-most consecutive shutout wins in NFL history. The Steelers/Pirates ended that streak and cost the Lions a chance at the record. Don’t worry though, it was the Lions who were the ones singing Moonglow all night after a 40-7 win.

The two teams would go on to face each other 30 more times over the course of history. And it’s the Steelers that have had the upper hand. They lead the series 16-14-1. The Lions have not been able to beat the Steelers since November of 1998. They’ have their hands full on Sunday if they hope to break their four-game losing streak to the Steelers.

To the social media stuff!!!!!

Ahh, good old Charlie Batch. Those were fun days. Sort of. We always remember Batch as if he was around for a while, but he was only in Detroit for four years. Sadly, Batch never played against the Lions.

But if the question is about him being on the roster, the Lions are 0-2 against the Steelers with Charlie Batch on the roster. However, Detroit was 1-0 against the Steelers when Batch was on the Lions.

Luckily Batch doesn’t play anymore. Wait a second... yeah, on second glance he’s definitely not on their roster.

There’s been a lot of blowouts. Eleven of them, to be exact. Seven of those are in favor of the Lions. But the most common margin between these two teams is three points. In fact, six games between these two have come down to just three points.

This includes the last win the Lions gained over the Steelers: A 19-16 win in overtime back in 1998.

Is this some kind of a sick joke? How could you know this? You’re setting up my stats. You’re some sort of criminal mastermind.

Barry Sanders has one 100 yard game against the Steelers where he had four runs for negative yardage. He even had runs for no gain in this game from 1995, but those games don’t count—and the Lions lost 23-20. Three points!!! Get out of my head, Packers fans!!!