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VIDEO: Dean Blandino tries to extend olive branch to Detroit, hilariously fails

You’re just making it worse, Dean.

Super Bowl XLIX Football Operations Press Conference Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

The NFL and its officials have been under fire from Detroit Lions fans for quite some time now. We’ve pointed out the numerous times in which a bad call or a inane rule has worked against the Lions. Every team’s fanbase has a volatile relationship with NFL refs, but the Lions’ relationship is unique in its rich history and unwavering discontent.

It all came to a head last week when Detroit was victimized by a seven-year-old rule set by 65-year-old standard. Fans were livid after a 10-second runoff left the Lions without a final chance to beat the Falcons, and they let people like former NFL VP of officiating Dean Blandino know it.

Blandino, now teamed up with Mike Pereira on FOX Sports to form their officiating expert team, obviously noticed the vitriol being thrown his way; he tried to offer a peace treaty, but in true NFL officiating form, he bungled that, too:

Blandino tries to offer his love for the city of Detroit, but it comes off phonier than ever. The highlight/lowlight of the video is when he calls popular Detroit-based ginger ale soda “Vernon’s” instead of Vernor’s.

Lions fans weren’t buying it, either. Check out some of the reactions to Blandino’s video.

Even the official Lions Twitter account had to get their shot in:

Sorry, Dean. You may want to go back under the hood and try this one again.

UPDATE: Blandino realized his mistake and pleaded with Detroit fans to give him another chance: