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Get the newest Pride of Detroit t-shirt: Detroit Comeback City

Show your support for the Lions and Pride of Detroit with our new shirt!

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The Detroit Lions are 3-1 and we here at Pride of Detroit feel our community is stronger than ever. We’re all excited about everything that is happening with the team, and there’s a clear positive direction this franchise is heading towards.

But there’s one problem: Our Pride of Detroit community doesn’t have a uniform, a bonding piece of clothing that one can sport out in the world and immediately connect with someone else from POD.

Last year, we offered the Jim Bob Cooter For President shirt, and while that was a rousing success, the hype has died a little bit on the Lions offensive coordinator. It’s time for a rebrand. It’s time for something new.

It’s time for a brand new t-shirt:


Here is our latest offering, thanks to a kickass design from our partners BreakingT.

“Detroit Comeback City” has been the unofficial motto of this team since last year’s unbelievable eight fourth-quarter comeback wins. Though the Lions haven’t quite been as reliant on those signature wins yet this season, they already have one, and they nearly had another against the Falcons.

Don’t kid yourselves, with Matthew Stafford at quarterback, Detroit is still very much Comeback City and what better way to celebrate that than with this t-shirt that takes inspiration from Kiss’ iconic Detroit anthem?

I’ve purchased a t-shirt from BreakingT before and can vouch for their quality. And at $24, it’s a pretty good bargain—especially when you consider that part of the proceeds go to fund this very website, which has been running for 10 years free of any cost to the reader.

So come support the site and get yourself some sleek Pride of Detroit swag along the way. Click here to buy!