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Lions vs. Panthers: Random Stats

A look at the history between the Lions and Panthers.

Detroit Lions v Carolina Panthers Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

It’s Week 5 time! The Detroit Lions will be welcoming the 3-1 Carolina Panthers into town on Sunday. First let’s talk about a Random Stat that was broken last Sunday. For the first time in Lions history, they won a game the week after being screwed by the NFL. Oh yeah, stop trying so hard Dean. If it’s meant to be, it’ll be.

Now let’s talk 3-1 here. This obviously not the first time the Lions have started their season at 3-1. This is actually the 22nd time. You’ll be pleased to know that the Lions finished the season with a winning record 15 of those times.

Now to the series history.

It all started on Sunday, August 20th in 1920. It was on this day that women were officially allowed to vote in America. This has nothing to do with the Lions, but I thought Cam Newton might be shocked by it.

Anyways, the Lions played the Panthers for the first time on October 24th, 1999. Right before that dang “Smooth” song by Santana and Rob Thomas ruined everyone’s summer until “Maria Maria” came out. The Lions traveled to Carolina for the first time, and they picked up a 24-9 win.

They wouldn’t beat the Panthers again until the 2011 season. (I was at that game, by the way. Thanks for the birthday present, honey.) That may seem really bad, but it’s really not. The Lions have only played the Panthers seven times. Sadly, they’ve only won twice.

This will be the first time the Panther have traveled to Detroit since 2011. Interestingly enough, five of the seven meetings between the Lions and Panthers were in Carolina.

To the social media stuff!

Let me start by saying my usual annoying thing. Quarterback wins is not a real stat. But I will tell you the Lions record against teams that have SEC quarterbacks when the Lions have Matthew Stafford as their starter.

The Lions are 14-12 when playing against a team with an SEC quarterback during the Matthew Stafford era.

Biakabutuka is fun to say. It’s even more fun to write. Tim only played against the Lions once. That was the first time these two teams played. Tim ran for an astounding 10 yards on nine carries. Another word that’s fun to say is this one.

Our friends from San Francisco came in for a question today. We have one for you, as well. Are you able to get my money back from the fake parking attendant that took it from me when I parked my car on the wharf in 2006? If not, no worries.

But to your question, it’s actually interesting, because panthers, as we know them, aren’t really panthers. They’re actually leopards or jaguars, depending on where they’re from.

According to Compare Animal, a lioness can defeat a leopard. But a Jaguar can beat a lioness... assuming Blake Bortles isn’t starting. So basically I don’t know is the answer. Either that or I’m just taking Lions cause it makes me happy.

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