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First Byte: Tournament of Cats preview with Cat Scratch Reader

Two cats enter, one cat leaves. This is Catdome. 

NFL: Carolina Panthers at New England Patriots Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

They screwed up without me and didn’t hit the record button. It’s a very simple thing. This is why you need someone on a podcast who is adequate.

Jeremy is hosting here, and we invited Bradley Smith from Cat Scratch Reader, a fellow cat, into our den. Cam Newton has been stealing headlines for various reasons of questionable decisions, but there’s plenty more to the Panthers that we have to discuss with Bradley as we prepare for the Sunday showdown.

The stakes are always higher when it’s another cat team being played (do not disagree, I’m right) and both teams want to score an important win in this early season. If we’re being honest, every win is important, and most sports talk is redundant as they say that to you. It’s very hard to come up with ways to parse the NFL season or hype up certain matches when they’re all going to score the same at the end of the day, but why are you talking to me like that? What’d I do to you?

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