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Watch: Theo Riddick puts Luke Kuechly on skates

One of the tougher matchups in this game for the Detroit Lions was going to be how they matched up against the Carolina Panthers’ linebacking corps. Led by All Pro Luke Kuechly, the Panthers have been stout against the run all year and haven’t allowed running backs to hurt them much.

That all changed on Sunday when they met Theo Riddick.

The Panthers sent a blitz, leaving Riddick one-on-one with Kuechly. Kuechly could have stopped the Lions for a short gain, but then this happened:

Just watch all of the tires bits kick up under Kuechly’s shoes as they desperately try to grab turf to stop Riddick.

The move from Theo was almost identical to the one made by Eric Ebron last week.

Riddick’s play got the Lions into the red zone, and, aided by a few Panthers penalties, Detroit punched it in for a touchdown. The Lions lead the Panthers 10-3 early in the second quarter.