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Eric Ebron to his critics: ‘Boooo me all u want but pay attention to the whole picture’

The Lions tight end went on the defensive on Twitter after the game.

NFL: Carolina Panthers at Detroit Lions Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

After Sunday’s loss to the Carolina Panthers, Detroit Lions fans were out in full force against tight end Eric Ebron. The much maligned tight end had two crucial drops in Sunday’s game, including this sure touchdown pass on Detroit’s first drive of the game.

Ebron didn’t exactly take responsibility for that drop in particular after the game. “Shaq (Thompson) made a great play on the play, actually,” Ebron told Kyle Meinke of MLive. “If you want to call it a drop, that’s cool.”

For what it’s worth, it does appear, at the very least, the ball goes through Thompson’s hands, which can make it very difficult for a receiver to concentrate and see the ball into their own hands:

The ball clearly going through Panthers’ LB Shaq Thompson’s hands

Regardless, Ebron made matters worse by going to Twitter immediately after the game and defending himself:

Whether Ebron is in the right or in the wrong, there is just absolutely nothing to be gained by calling out his own fanbase’s ignorance. When there’s a load of criticism being thrown you way over the internet, the last thing you should be doing is fighting back on Twitter. Swallow your pride, take the L, and push through the adversity.

A minute later, Ebron tried to clarify:

Ebron may feel frustrated that he’s being misunderstood by Lions fans, but this is a battle he can’t win with words.

After the game, Matthew Stafford defended his tight end.

If Stafford is telling the truth, Ebron, show your toughness by handling the critics professionally, staying off Twitter and working your tail off to fix the mistakes. Anything else is just a bad look and a waste of your time and effort.