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Friday open thread: Which Lions player is in for a big game vs. Browns?

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Who do you think will be a game ball candidate on Sunday?

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Detroit Lions v New York Giants Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

The Detroit Lions are heavy favorites this week as the winless Cleveland Browns are coming to town. Vegas odds currently have Detroit somewhere between an 11 or 12-point favorite against their AFC foe.

Whether or not the Lions come out of Ford Field victorious or not is a discussion for another article. For now, let’s discuss matchups.

The Lions offense finally appears to be on track again after a slow start to the season. The Browns, however, have a defense that is—at the very least—respectable. Cleveland’s offense, on the other hand, is one of the worst in the league.

Obviously a team that is entering November winless has a lot of vulnerabilities on their roster. So today’s Question of the Day is:

Which Detroit Lions player do you think is in for a big game in Week 10 against the Browns?

My answer: Anthony Zettel. With Ezekiel Ansah possibly being sidelined for Sunday with a back injury, Zettel is likely to take a bigger role against the Browns and may be Detroit’s starter opposite the Browns’ left tackle. That’s important to note, because Cleveland is missing their centerpiece of the offensive line: Franchise tackle Joe Thomas, who tore his tricep a few weeks ago.

Thomas’ replacement, Spencer Drango, has not been great as a replacement. In his first action as Thomas’ replacement, grading out at just 42.9 according to Pro Football Focus. He surprisingly fared better against Everson Griffen in his first start:

But he’s still a significant downgrade from Thomas.

Zettel has been a little quiet as of late, but I believe now that he’s likely to see more snaps and may be used a little differently if Ziggy is out, he’ll turn in a really impressive performance against the Browns.

Your turn.