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NFL Week 10 expert picks: Literally everyone is picking the Lions over the Browns

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No pressure, guys.

Pittsburgh Steelers v Detroit Lions Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

These days it seems just about impossible to find something the entire world agrees upon. I learned this week that somehow pink isn’t the unanimous favorite flavor of Starburst and that some monsters even think yellow is the best.

It’s even harder to find something relating to the Detroit Lions that everyone can agree on. On just about every issue, there will be haters that call themselves “realists” and kool-aid drinkers that claim they’re being objective.

But here we are, just hours before Week 10 kicks off, and we’ve done it. There is consensus. Actually, it’s not just consensus, it’s unanimity. In all 67 expert picks we normally track every week, all 67 of them are picking the Lions to win.

National analysts:

ESPN: 10 of 10 picked Lions
SB Nation: 8 of 8 picked Lions
CBS Sports: 8 of 8 picked Lions
Pro Football Focus: 9 of 9 picked Lions
Sports Illustrated: 6 of 6 picked Lions

Total: 41 of 41 picked Lions (100%)

Yes, that also includes ESPN and PFF, who notoriously “hate” the Lions. And, yes, that also includes local beat writers.

Local analysts:

MLive: 2 of 2 picked Lions
Freep: 4 of 4 picked Lions
Detroit News: 4 of 4 picked Lions
Detroit Jock City: 7 of 7 picked Lions
Pride of Detroit: 9 of 9 picked Lions

Total: 26 of 26 picked Lions (100%)

Even the “haters” in the Detroit media are going with Detroit, which is admittedly unnerving.

So to add balance to this universe, I went and sought out some people outside our normal scope to find some bold predictors that went with the Browns this week.

... but here’s the problem. I couldn’t find any. tracks 113 expert picks every week, and 113 of them picked the Lions this week. Every. Single. One.

BUT WAIT. I managed to find one lone wolf. Over at Dawgs By Nature, the Cleveland Browns SB Nation site, they released their staff picks for Week 10. Although six of the staffers there are picking Detroit this week, one brave soul that goes by the name of “notthatnoise” picked the Browns to pick up their first win of the season, defeating the Lions 11-5.

“The lions will struggle to hold the line against Gregg Williams' blitz schemes coming of the bye week,” they wrote. “They are able to throw the ball and move between the 20s, but timely big plays keep them from lighting up the scoreboard.”

Thank you, notthatnoise. We seriously appreciate it.


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