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Lions notes: Jim Caldwell has been dominant in November with Detroit

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Ever since Jim Caldwell was hired by the Lions, November has been his month.

Detroit Lions v Green Bay Packers Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images
  • Call it a statistical anomaly, a good adjustment, or just good coaching out of the bye, but Detroit Lions head coach Jim Caldwell owns November:

That 10-3 record in November is the best in the NFL, according to

  • Akeem Spence admitted he purposely prevented Browns quarterback DeShone Kizer from getting up after what would become the final play of the first half. “I'm going to lay on you until you decide to get up,” Spence told reporters after the game. Kizer was unable to get to the line in time to snap the ball and give the Browns one last chance at a field goal before the end of the second quarter.

  • You can tell Taylor Decker has been jonesing to get back out there on the field:

  • Here’s a small injury update about T.J. Lang and his current status in the concussion protocol:

  • Considering Corey Robinson was essentially a last-minute replacement for Lang—and hadn’t played guard in several years—I’d say he did pretty darn well for himself:

  • Don’t. Blitz. Matthew. Stafford: