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Tuesday open thread: Which Lions deserve Pro Bowl consideration in 2017?

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Pro Bowl voting is open! Which Lions deserve your votes?

Pittsburgh Steelers v Detroit Lions Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images

Late Monday night, I was wondering when the Pro Bowl voting process began. I noticed that last year, voting started in mid-October, so I was curious as to why voting hadn’t started yet. I’d heard very little about the game this year or when I could expect to see ballots out there.

Turns out voting is already underway. It’s hard to tell when voting began, but the site is clearly up and they are accepting ballot submissions (as many as you’d like to submit).


I know what you’re thinking. In fact, I bet one of the very first comments on this article is going to be, “Who cares about the Pro Bowl? It’s just a stupid popularity contest.” And while it’s true that this essentially comes down to who are the most recognizable names, the suggestion that no one cares about the Pro Bowl is decided false. The players care.

While Darius Slay called the Pro Bowl “pointless” after they moved it from Hawaii to Orlando, the Lions cornerback admitted that he was hoping for a call last year as an alternative. Eric Ebron listed the Pro Bowl as one of his goals this year.

It’s undoubtedly a feather in these players’ caps, whether it’s simply a popularity contest or not. So today’s Question of the Day is:

Which Detroit Lions players deserve Pro Bowl consideration for 2017?

My answer: With the season over halfway done, I think it’s fair to say that at least five Lions players deserve to be in the conversation. They are:

  1. PR Jamal Agnew—Leads NFL in punt return average and TDs
  2. CB Darius Slay—Leads all cornerbacks in INTs, first in passes defended
  3. S Glover Quin—T-fourth in INTs, t-first in forced fumbles
  4. K Matt Prater—Set record for 55+ yard field goals made in a season... just three games into the year. Hasn’t missed a field goal shorter than 50 yards. Perfect on extra points.
  5. Golden Tate—9th in receiving yards, first in YAC (among WRs), and there’s this:

Is there anybody that I’m missing? Do you agree with this list? Your turn.